Sunday, 14 February 2016

February 2016

Dear Pastor and Church,

  One constant we Christians can always rely on is the faithfulness of God in providing for His children. In reviewing our year- end support statement and comparing it to previous years we were blessed to see just how good God has been to us. In 2015, we had 19 fewer supporting churches than in 2006 but our support for the year was $2,000 more than in 2006. Isn’t God good? Just an example of God working through faithful churches like yours and for that we are grateful.

  In October, our home church brought a group over to help us kick start our Canvas Cornwall project. It is our plan to letterbox every town in Cornwall over the next few years and offer Bible studies in view of starting preaching points in various towns. In time we plan for these to develop into works and then churches. It is a daunting task as there are approximately 300,000 homes in Cornwall and there is just us. We have three missions groups scheduled in 2016 to help with the project and always welcome more.

  It is our plan at this point to take a furlough in 2017. There are a number of churches that we have not been with since deputation and we hope to visit with each of them. We also want to report to any others that would like for us to come by.  Just get in touch and we will get you scheduled for 2017.

  We would ask for prayer this month as we prepare to send our son, Davis back to the States. This is our fourth child to move back to the US and unfortunately, it does not get any easier. Davis moved to England when he was 5 so it will be like moving to a new country to him despite his being “American”.

  Your faithfulness to the Great Commission is a blessing and an encouragement to us.



  1. Good testimony as to the goodness of God! It's hard to send those children away.