Monday, 27 October 2014

UP, Up & AWAY!!!


  It has always been our plan to have 4 major outreach events each year. We do the candy canes at Christmas, the booth at the Liskeard Show in July and the balloon race at the St. Mathews Fayre in September. If you have any good ideas for spring, please share.

  So September it is and time for the balloon race. This is our 7th or 8th year and we had a great weather day. As always we had encouraged our church folks to come and help reach their own people and once again it was just our family. Just part of missions. We had well over 100 families sign their kids up and receive our information we were handing out. We also had several good conversations with "christians" who stopped by to straighten us out :) .  In years past we have had balloon tags come back from as far away as SW France and some years no tags come back. The wind this year was from the south and we have had 9 balloon tags come back. The farthest looks to be from around 400 miles away. We will award the prize to the winner the first week of November.

  The week after the fayre we were visited by our pastor bringing a missionary over to England for a survey trip. The Grissoms were here in England and had to leave due to no fault of there own. They are now looking to return and are coming close to us in Plymouth. It was a good visit and we look forward to having them back as soon as they finish deputation.

 While the visitors were here Kent was diagnosed with a tear in his retina. This is a fairly serious condition which can easily lead to blindness in the affected eye. He had emergency surgery the next day and is in recovery. Three weeks of no physical activity and sleeping sitting up the doctors orders and so far all looks good, God is good all the time.