Sunday, 24 August 2014

Summertime Sunshine


  We trust you have had a great summer. We have certainly seen God bless in a great number of ways.This has been the best summer we have seen weather wise since we moved here 12 years ago. Lots of sun and not as much rain has made for a pleasant few months.

  We had a family start visiting the church back in the spring and they have been faithful ever since. They have 7 children and it is such a blessing to see them come in each and every Sunday. The sound of children is a wonderful thing and kids are always full of surprises. They have chipped in to help and have been an encouragement to us.

  Kent was asked to preach a youth camp in Washington state and so he flew out for two weeks in July. The most difficult thing for us to is find someone to cover the pulpit when we need to be away. There just are not many "spare" sound preachers around this island. God graciously provided men for both Sundays Kent was gone. One is a young, English man training for the ministry here in England who was able to preach for us and the other was a pastor/friend from the States who was doing a study course at Oxford University this summer and he was able to sneak away for the weekend and help us out. What a blessing these two were!!

  We hosted a Spanish student again this year for a month and that went well. Always glad to open our home and tell people about the Gospel. Finishing school, Andrea finished leading another year of Girl Guides, Kent doing a triathlon and a half-marathon, Deidra growing a few more inches and Davis working construction part time and we have had a bust but great time this summer.

  Our balloon race is coming up in September as well as a visit from a missionary who is coming to work with us here in England. The Grissom family is starting deputation to return to England and we are excited to see God working in their life.

  We are looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store this autumn.