Friday, 30 May 2014

Dear Pastor and Church,

  We have several good things to report on in this letter. God has always been good to us but we need to do better in giving Him credit for all He does for us. Just the grace He has extended to allow us to minister here for the last 11 ½ years is too much to comprehend. We are grateful He has provided for us in such a bountiful manner and as always have no complaints about how Gods has treated us.

  We hosted a missionary retreat earlier this spring and it went very well. We had invited a small number of missionaries for this initial event in order to give it a test run. The consensus was this should be an annual event and we are already making plans for 2015 and to invite a lot more missionary families. It is good to get away once in a while and have a time of fellowship. Perhaps there is a pastor out there that would like to come and preach the retreat one of these years?????
Snowtubing at the retreat
  In March we had something take place that had never before happened in our time here. We had a complete family from our area come visit our services. We have had single visitors, just one adult or one adult and a few kids but never a husband, wife and children. What a blessing and an encouragement!!!  Did they come as a result of our letterboxing? Our candy canes? Our booths at the various community events?  No, they came as a result of meeting Andrea and the kids at a homeschool event about 5 years ago and remembered their testimony. They recently moved to our town, remembered our family and decided to visit the church. They have been faithful in every service since and we are pleased to see folks interested in not just coming to church but being involved in church.

  We were able to sneak back to the States for a few weeks in April to celebrate
 Andrea’s parents 50th wedding anniversary. It was good to spend some time with family and honor her parents for their years of faithfulness. God supplied a former missionary to England to come and watch the work here in Liskeard and all was well when we returned.


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