Saturday, 22 March 2014

Missionary Retreat


One of our speakers

The Ice Luge
  Some good things are happening and we are thanking God for his presence in our ministry. We have always had a burden for missionary families on the field. There are some many pressures on them that many start to fracture and need to leave the field to mend. Seldom do they return. Winter is a tough time in Northern Europe. The days are short, grey and it sure does rain alot. By the time February rolls around it seems like you have been confined inside for months. We were talking in January that someone should organize a fellowship and then decided it should be us. We decided to host the retreat in Manchester so it would be centrally located on the island. Having never been to Manchester posed no problem as Andrea and I took a short scouting trip to make arrangements. We had 20 turn out with another 14 unable to come due to last minutes issues of life. We only invited a small number of missionaries since this was a test run but look forward to expanding it next year to many more.

We have also had some visitors to services lately.
What a blessing and encouragement that is. Recently we hadf a local family come to visit. In the 12 years we have been here that was the first time a complete family from our area has come to visit the church. Little by little seems to be the key.