Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Dear Pastor and Church,


  We want to thank each and every one who sent Christmas greetings and for those who sent a special offering for Christmas. It means a lot to me be remembered during such a busy tome of the year.

  We had a great turnout for our Thanksgiving dinner including a number of new attendees. Many people are still wary of our intentions but are pleasantly surprised when they find out we just eat.

  We handed out candy canes in the town centre of Liskeard for the 11th year running. Each year we buy at least 1,000 and some years many more. That means we have handed out over 11,000 candy canes with church invites. To give you an idea as to the spiritual interest of the British we have had one visitor in the eleven years as a direct result of the handout. Is it worth it?  Sure it is, they heard the Gospel when they came to our church service.

  We had a nice quiet Christmas with family here and enjoyed a few days away at a missionary Christmas retreat. Always a joy to have some fellowship.

  We continue to have Sunday services in Liskeard but are printing a brochure for nearby towns as well in the attempt to start some Bible studies in those areas. We covet your prayers in this endeavor. We are also hosting a Missionary Retreat at the end of this month. There seems to be a gap in the winter for meetings and I got to thinking someone should organize a meeting. We are praying it can be a blessing to serving families. With the average missionary only staying on the field for less than 4 years there is a need to do all we can to help the ones that are here to stay on the field.

  The family is well and blessed by good health. We appreciate your sacrifice in prayer and giving so we can be here spreading the Gospel.

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