Saturday, 28 December 2013

December Doings


  For a number of years we have tried to attend a Christmas banquet put on by a church in Manneim, Germany. The banquet is put on for missionaries and our family went for the first time in 2005. It is not every year we can go but when it works out it has always been an enjoyable trip for the family. In conjunction with the trip to the banquet, we have tried to take our children to see some of the sights in Europe. They have been able to see Paris, Brugges, Prague, several castles in Germany as well as numerous other sights on the way there and back. The banquet was a true joy this year as usual and afterwards we decided to just hang out in Germany for a few days. A church near Stuttgart had a missions apartment we could stay in so we stayed there and visited some sights we had not seen before. We especially enjoyed the Christmas markets.  Kent had the privilege of preaching in a military church on the Wednesday eve and we enjoyed the fellowship that we so often miss here in Cornwall. It was good to have some time away as a family but it is always nice to get back home.
Versailles Palace

Christmas Market in Heidelburg

Deidra trying some fried potatoes

Then as soon as we got home we had our candy cane handout. This is the 11 straight year we have passed out candy canes with a church invite here in our town of Liskeard. We average around 1,000 candy canes a year and have a good time doing it.
Davis working in front of the Post Office.
Several weeks of regular services as well as our special carol service on the eve of the 22nd rounded out the month.

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