Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Neighborhood cookout

Dear Pastor and church,

  The 33rd chapter of Ezekiel speaks of the watchman on the wall and his duty to warn the people. How the people react is not on his account, only his actions which he can control. Many times in these last days we can get discouraged when the people do not heed the warnings but we need to remember God rewards us for our faithfulness and not our results.

  In July, we once again had a booth at the Liskeard Show. It was a good day despite the blistering heat. We hit 83 degrees that day which is just 3 degrees from the all-time high here in Cornwall. We were blessed to have some good conversations. The next week we had a small group from Montana come to Liskeard and help us letterbox for a few days. The day they arrived was also the day our Spanish exchange student arrived as well as the date for our neighborhood bbq at our house.
Winner of the bench at Liskeard Show

  August was youth camp and Kent preached the morning service each day, Andrea was the assistant chef, Davis was the games helper and Deidra just got to be a camper. There were two young campers who trusted Christ on Friday morning for which we praise God. September was the St. Mathews Fayre and our balloon race. Wind and heavy rain made for a low turnout but the gospel was shared with many. We were blessed to have folks come from supporting churches in the States to help with both camp and the balloon race. Always nice to have people come to the mission field to serve.

Kent teaching at camp
  Autumn means our Thanksgiving meal outreach, preaching a series on the family at a preacher’s fellowship and starting to buy candy canes for our 10th candy cane handout. 

  We covet your prayers as we cry aloud from the wall!