Monday, 27 May 2013

Enjoying the blessings of others


  This past Monday an F5 tornado devastated a portion of Moore, OK. Watching the live coverage of the storm from afar was a helpless feeling but we were blessed that no one that we knew personally was killed. There were many that we knew that sustained damage to their homes and a few lost everything.

  Back in 1999 when another huge tornado swept through the area and destroyed the building of our home church, we were still there and were able to see personally the blessings of God. We were able to serve during that time and we saw God work. Being away this time it has been a joy to see God work again. Through the medium of the Internet and Facebook, we have been able to follow and keep up with the developments. Despite feeling detached from the whole episode, we have enjoyed seeing people step up to serve and to be a blessing. 

  Many times when we have a blessing time in our churches people only count what God has done for them as a blessing but we should be able to count it a blessing to have seen God work and supply in others lives as well.

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