Friday, 25 January 2013



  First Saturday in December can only mean one thing..........CANDY CANES!!!!

This is the 10th year we have handed out candy canes with church info on them. You would be amazed how many English people will refuse free candy but most are quite surprised and grateful. This year we had a lady come visit because of receiving the info.

We had our carol service in the evening service on the 16th and had a really nice service. Attendance was down but we had a few visitors.

Christmas was a blessing and very quiet. Things tend to shut down for the week between Christmas and New Years and while it was frustrating when we first arrived here we have adjusted and just lay low with everyone else.

The day after Christmas is Boxing Day. Originally a day off for the servants it is a national holiday. We like to go out to the Jamaica Inn  at Bolventor and watch the hunt go off.



  We spent the first part of November with the group from Beth Haven and were blessed to have our son, Ben and a friend of Andrea's stay for an extra week with us. It is good to have company!

We hosted our annual Thanksgiving Dinner as well. Our tradition here is to go into Plymouth on Thanksgiving Day and we have dinner at Pizza Hut. We then hang around and shop because the stores are open late on Thursdays (9:00). We then have our traditional dinner on Friday evening. This allows friends to drive in from other parts of England as well.

Thursday, 24 January 2013


In October, our home church sent a group over to help us conduct our first Holiday bible Club. We converted the Girl Guide Hall into a jungle for Jungle Trek, passed out hundred of fliers and waited anxiously on the first day to see if one or one hundred would show up. We had 12 on the first day and 22 different kids over the three days. Quite exciting. We are planning to use these kids to start a Children's Minstry on Sunday afternoons.
  The group did great and we were able to show them a bit of Cornwall each afternoon and London before they flew out.