Thursday, 25 October 2012

Up, Up & Away


  In the year of 1286, the town of Liskeard was granted a charter by the king to hold a fayre to celebrate St. Matthews Feast. No one seems to know when the fayre lapsed but it was revived in the 70's and is going strong today. Liskeard Baptist Church has a booth each year and we conduct a balloon race. Children under 12 sign up for free and get a numbered balloon. We release the balloons at 2:00PM and whoevers balloon is returned from the furthest away wins a Bible and a gift card. When they sign up they are given church info and a tract. It has worked well and people are surprised a church is doing something for free. Whenever other churches are on the streets of Liskeard, they are most likely asking for money.

  October has included a short family holiday as well as a trip to Dundee, Scotland for Kent. There is a preacher's meeting there each year and it was again a great encouragement.

  The last week of October is the Autumn break for the schools and we are conducting a Holiday Bible Club for the first time. Our home church is sending a group over to help out and we are looking forward to a great ten days with them.