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  So the summer of 2012.  Officially the wettest and coldest in the past 100 years here in England. Not sure how many days over 70 degrees we had but you could count them on one hand.

Summer of 2012 was also the summer of the Olympics and that took alot of our focus but there was much, much more going on.

Church booth at Liskeard Show

The winner of the bench at the show

The group that came for the Olympics
The Olympic torch passed through our town and we were there with the thousands to watch it pass by. We were able to hand out several hundred Olympic themed tracts in the process. Our planned outreach for the Queen's Jubilee was a washout as it rained all weekend and local events were cancelled. Austin flew in the first part of July to help with the Olympics and then stayed the rest of the summer. It was good to have him around albeit a short time. We hosted a Spanish teen again and Geizka arrived the middle of July. Kent ran a half-marathon in Birmingham and Andrea and a friend shopped while he ran. They were encouraging him to run slow so they had more time to shop. Then the Olympics came and it was a great time (see previous post).  No sooner home from London from the Olympics and it was back up near London for youth camp. Davis and Geizka went to a different camp this year more geared to teens and Kent, Andrea, Austin and Deidra went to Camp Joy. Good week and all had fun. Home to put Geizka on a ferry to Spain. Back to London to drop Austin off to fly to Oklahoma. School started for Davis (10th grade) and Deidra (6th grade) and finally the weather cleared for a few days. The Liskeard Show that is normally in July was postponed this year due to the wet conditions and was on Sept 8th. We had our normal booth for the 6th year and gave away a bench. On the 29th, we have the St. Mathews Fayre in Liskeard where we have our balloon race for kids. October's plan include a short family holiday, a preacher's meeting in Scotland for Kent and a visit by a group from our home church to help us with a VBS.
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