Saturday, 14 July 2012

London and back and London and back and....


  It has always been a desire of our oldest son, Austin to come back and help us with the Olympic project. Everything worked out and so Kent went and picked him up from Heathrow on Wed.  On Thursday evening we received an email stating the shipping container with the outreach booklets was to be delivered on Friday morning at 9:00AM. So back into the car and back up to London to meet the shipment and place it into storage. In a culture where a 20 mile trip is a long way, two 500 mile trips in a few days is considered abnormal and unusual behaviour. Although our gas is down about $1.00 from its peak, it is still right at $9.00 per gallon making any car journey an expensive proposition.  The upside is that during the summer, there is a grocery store here that makes the most wonderful strawberry tarts. There is not a store near to us but they do have small stores in a number of service areas along side the motorway (interstate) that stock these little glimpses of heaven. Makes the trip bearable  :)

   Trips went well and the old BMW (see older posts) drove as well as it always did.  A few weeks of relative quiet and then off to London for the Olympics.

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