Wednesday, 9 May 2012

April Prayer Letter

April 28, 2012

Dear Pastor and church,

The Lord has really blessed us these past few months with some exceptional witnessing opportunities. Given the cold nature of people here and a culture that frowns on prying discussion, we usually have to be quite patient to have a quality discussion about a person’s eternal destination. Kent has occasionally run with a man over the past four years. Typically, the man never wanted to discuss anything spiritual related but the past two runs, he has asked questions about us and what we believe. He has heard the plan of salvation and we are praying for more opportunities to water the seed. Probably means more running. Andrea has been working with a young, single mom for almost 5 years. She has tried to befriend her and at times the lady has asked minor questions. This past month, she asked about the true meaning of Easter (she was not sure) and Andrea had an open door to give her the Gospel. Our mechanic whom we have used for the past 9 years inquired the other day about why we were different from the Church of England. One thing these three incidents all have in common is the length of time we have invested in these people. We have been sowing and watering for almost 10 years here in England and are looking forward to a harvest. We have seen some saved but there is a much larger group that we have been patiently working with and praying for. We covet your prayers that we might see these three folks mentioned as well as many others saved.

We also would ask you to pray for the following things on our calendar:

May 19th      Olympic torch outreach

June             Queen’s Jubilee outreach

July 14th      Liskeard Show- we will have a booth again this year

July/Aug      London Olympics-20,000 tracts and 4,000 pins/tracts to be passed out

Aug       Youth Camp

Sept St      Matthews Fayre – we will have a booth for the 5th year

Please do update our mailing address here on the field. Anything sent to our old address will be returned or disappears.

The new address is:

Taey Sekul

Lukes Yeat

St. Neot, Liskeard


PL14 6NG

We appreciate all you do for us and thoroughly enjoy when we hear what is going on in your churches as well.


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