Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Only God....


About two years ago we found ourselves needing a run around car. We had a large van that the 7 of us and some luggage could fit into but it was not the best of fuel mileage. I spoke to our mechanic and asked him what car I should get. Andrew said to buy an old BMW diesel 4 door. They are reliable,parts are available and they run forever. A few weeks of bidding on Ebay and we bought a 1994 5 series sedan with a 2.5 liter diesel engine for right at $800. Yes, $800. BMW are not the status cars here they are in the states and the car was 15 years old with 145,000 miles. We drove the car for 14 months literally all over this island and only had to have the oil changed. When we left last December for furlough we were quite sad to have to sell the car as it was reliable, economical and fun to drive. We ended up selling it for $1,500 to a diesel mechanic. Fast forward 14 months....we are back in England and will be needing a car in a few months and so Kent in looking on Ebay one night and guess what he sees? You are correct, he sees the old BMW for sale on Ebay. To shorten the story, we ended up buying the car back for $700. Bought it for $800, sold it for $1,500, bought it back for $700. Do the math, the car is now free. But it gets better. During the time the mechanic had the car he repaired or replaced a number of items on the car. Well over $2,000 worth of parts were installed and who knows how many hours of labour.
So, we have our old car back way better than ever and all thanks to God and his provision.


  1. Praise the Lord! What a wonderful blessing and pleasant surprise this had to have been. God is sooooo good!

  2. Praise God!! He indeed knows how to take care of us! Praise His Holy name!