Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tie Up Some Loose Ends

  Although we do not get many questions here at the blog, we have had a few that we can answer.

The bathroom.  In a few posts from the summer we displayed pictures of a bathroom renovation we were attempting on the boys house in Oklahoma. We would be out for 4-6 weeks on the road and then work on the bathroom for the week or so we were hanging out in OKC to "rest". We ended up tearing it down to the studs and floorboards and rebuilding from there. You might remember this picture..

It was a mad rush to the finish to complete the bath before we returned to England and we almost made it. It is quite functional but just needs a few cosmetic touches. Something to do on our next furlough. Here are a few pics of the finished room.
Another question we can answer is concerning our anniversary. This year Andrea and Kent celebrated their 25th anniversary. Way back on the honeymoon in 1986, Kent had promised Andrea that he would take her to Hawaii for their 25th. However, on their actual anniversary (Aug 16th) they were in the middle of a trip to the East coast reporting to some churches.  Soooooooo.....they crammed a trip in right at the end of their furlough. Thanks to some airline vouchers that were about to expire and some anniversary gift money, they were able to make it happen.  A few pics.


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