Tuesday, 15 November 2011

It's The Little Things In Life


  What a great autumn we have been having. Relatively warm and dry days have made it quite pleasant to get out and about. Still waiting on a house although we have applied for one and should hear soon. Hoping to be moved in before Christmas. The cottage we are staying in is exactly 1 mile from the centre of Liskeard. Not really worth driving and parking so we walk in most days to take care of errands. The first week it was a bit of a chore as we had grown accustomed to driving everywhere while in the States. Now we are finding it quite pleasant. Watching that certain tree change shades as its leaves prepare to fall. Having 20 minutes of quiet time giving you time to think things through or even just turn off. Watching the leaves fall and be carried about by the breeze depositing them on the road so you can hear the crunch as you walk through the piles of leaves. It does take a bit more planning to ensure you get to where you are supposed to be on time but it makes the journey much more enjoyable. A newspaper here in England once held a contest to determine the best way to get to London. Numerous answers were submitted as to how to get there the quickest, most comfortable or the least expensive. The winning answer to the question of the best way to get to London was with good friends. We often spend so much time and energy stressing ourselves into illness trying to reach a destination, we neglect to enjoy the journey.

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