Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tie Up Some Loose Ends

  Although we do not get many questions here at the blog, we have had a few that we can answer.

The bathroom.  In a few posts from the summer we displayed pictures of a bathroom renovation we were attempting on the boys house in Oklahoma. We would be out for 4-6 weeks on the road and then work on the bathroom for the week or so we were hanging out in OKC to "rest". We ended up tearing it down to the studs and floorboards and rebuilding from there. You might remember this picture..

It was a mad rush to the finish to complete the bath before we returned to England and we almost made it. It is quite functional but just needs a few cosmetic touches. Something to do on our next furlough. Here are a few pics of the finished room.
Another question we can answer is concerning our anniversary. This year Andrea and Kent celebrated their 25th anniversary. Way back on the honeymoon in 1986, Kent had promised Andrea that he would take her to Hawaii for their 25th. However, on their actual anniversary (Aug 16th) they were in the middle of a trip to the East coast reporting to some churches.  Soooooooo.....they crammed a trip in right at the end of their furlough. Thanks to some airline vouchers that were about to expire and some anniversary gift money, they were able to make it happen.  A few pics.


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

It's The Little Things In Life


  What a great autumn we have been having. Relatively warm and dry days have made it quite pleasant to get out and about. Still waiting on a house although we have applied for one and should hear soon. Hoping to be moved in before Christmas. The cottage we are staying in is exactly 1 mile from the centre of Liskeard. Not really worth driving and parking so we walk in most days to take care of errands. The first week it was a bit of a chore as we had grown accustomed to driving everywhere while in the States. Now we are finding it quite pleasant. Watching that certain tree change shades as its leaves prepare to fall. Having 20 minutes of quiet time giving you time to think things through or even just turn off. Watching the leaves fall and be carried about by the breeze depositing them on the road so you can hear the crunch as you walk through the piles of leaves. It does take a bit more planning to ensure you get to where you are supposed to be on time but it makes the journey much more enjoyable. A newspaper here in England once held a contest to determine the best way to get to London. Numerous answers were submitted as to how to get there the quickest, most comfortable or the least expensive. The winning answer to the question of the best way to get to London was with good friends. We often spend so much time and energy stressing ourselves into illness trying to reach a destination, we neglect to enjoy the journey.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

People Are Watching You!


  Davis and I took the train into Plymouth today to get a few essentials. Still readjusting to the stores closing at 5:00PM here.  It was a cracking day and hard to believe it was Nov 1st. We have had good services these 4 weeks we have been back. The people remained faithful and we definitely see some growth in the spiritual lives thanks to the efforts of the men who spelled us.

  One of the most amazing and unexpected things we have encountered since returning is the number of people who have asked where we have been. These are not people whom we are particularly close to but just the people we encounter as we daily live our lives in the community. Kent spent 90 minutes at the gym today and only worked out for about 45 because several people came up and inquired where he had been. This story has repeated itself numerous times and has reinforced to us the need to walk circumspectly in the world. Many times we just think we are merely fulfilling the responsibilities of our life and do not even consider the interaction we have with people but over a period of time those people we interact with accept us as part of their life. As part of this acceptance they label us or categorize us based upon how we interact with them. They either like us, tolerate us or dislike us. Without even trying or even being conscious about it, we have made an impression on their life. The question then becomes whether it is a good impression or not.

  We may think that we are not noticed and are anonymous in our dealings but it is not true. The people who touch are lives each and every day are watching and noticing.