Thursday, 20 October 2011

House Hunting


Been back in country for almost two weeks and it has been good. We treated ourselves the first week and indulged in all of the treats we had missed while being gone. Barnecutt's pastys, scones with clotted cream, proper fish and chips, etc..... The second week started the "Time to lose all the weight we put on in the States" diet. Not near as much fun as the indulgent week. Kind of like when we sin. It always seems to take longer to get back to where we were in our relationship with God than it did to slip away.

We are also in the process of house hunting. Before we had always faced a limited number of possibilities in housing due to having the 5 children. Coming back with only two this time affords us a much greater selection of houses to choose from. We decided to take our time and find a house that not only meets our needs but also checks a few options boxes for us. We had a dog for 13 years in the States but have been unable to have one here. We would like to find a house that allows pets. We would also like to find a house that has a workshop or large garage for Kent's woodworking. These are in addition to the normal wants like more than one toilet, a large enough living room/dining room to have church fellowships in, central heating and the list goes on. We have a cottage to stay in while we look and though it is not a long term solution, it is a comfortable place to hang out while we scour the countryside for a permanent dwelling.

It has always been our desire to purchase a property here in Cornwall. It would make sense financially instead of wasting money on rent but more importantly it would serve as a sign to the folks here that this is home to us. Even after 9 years here most people think we are on a temporary assignment. With house prices here in Cornwall about 4 to 5 times higher than in Oklahoma, we will be content on God's timing to provide the miracle necessary to allow us to buy.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Back To Life


As we sit writing this from a small cottage nestled in the green countryside of England, we pause to reflect on our time in the States. Following is a summary of our summer.

Between the time we left England on Dec 15th and returned on Oct 7th, we travelled 34,628 miles by plane, 33,971 miles by automobile, visited 52 churches, slept in 61 different beds, visited 33 States, 3 foreign countries and only ate at McDonalds 3 times. The final stat is perhaps the most amazing and one we are quite happy about. We did eat at Subway approx 3 million times during this time period.

To sum furlough up, it was all good. God kept us safe, supplied and scheduled. We found furlough to be an amazing journey of going back to visit old friends and telling them what has been going on in England. We are glad to be back in Cornwall and are in the process of looking for a house, cars, beds and other sundry items to set up life again. We look forward to Lord willing, being in the same place for 5 years and seeing what God has in store for Liskeard Baptist Church.

In case you were wondering, that averages out to 236 miles each and every day we were back in the States. Think we will fire our scheduler before the next furlough!!