Saturday, 11 June 2011

Tales From the Trail


What an amazing ride this time in the States has been. We are having quite an enjoyable furlough. God has made himself very evident and has been incredibly good to us.

We last left you in Illinois. We made our way to Oklahoma and spent about 9 days there. Most of that was spent on the bathroom project. Progress is being made but it is amazing how long things take when you do not know what you are doing. We left May 20th for a trip to the Southeast. We stopped in Mississippi to visit some friends and be in their missions conference. We then left for Florida. A few alternators later we made it to Miami. Had a great weekend with a supporting church and then headed north to Orlando. We had a place to stay there for a week so we based out of there to visit a few churches in Central Florida. Our neighbors from Cornwall flew in for their holiday and we were able to meet up with them a few times and visit. Made us a bit homesick to get back to England. We are now on our way to South Carolina, Georgia and then on to Oklahoma for a few days before we head west.

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