Friday, 8 April 2011

Hot and dry or Hot and humid??

Hello, We write from Texas. Home of the heat. Well, when you live in a cool climate like England, almost everywhere is warmer. We left last week to drive south to Edinburg on the southern border for a missions conference. We left on a Wednesday and stopped in Waxahatchie, Texas for a Wed evening service at a supporting church. They were in a new building and it was a blessing to see them all again. We left Thursday morning and stopped off at the Dr. Pepper museum in Waco. Nice museum but really, no free samples at a soda museum? On to San Antonio and a walk on the Riverwalk and a tour of the Alamo. Makes you think standing there. They kept sending out messages asking for help and hoping someone would come. A group of 18 snuck in one night but that is all that ever came. What a blessing to be saved and know that Christ is coming to get us some day. On Friday, we went to the Sea World park in San Antonio. Fed the dolphins, watched the shows, rode the roller coasters and baked a nice shade of red. Drove south on Sat. to the town of Edinburg which is right at the border of Mexico. Due to the violence in Mexico, we were unable to cross over and take the kids. We had a great conference at the church there but it sure was hot. It hit 100 degrees on Monday and it is only April. A cold front came through and it was still 85 on Tuesday. At least it was a dry heat. The conference was on Sun-Thursday and we were able to see some dear friends who are missionaries there at the border. The Gibson's have faithfully served for over 40 years and it was good to see them again. Thursday morning we packed up and headed for Houston. Still hot here but now there is humidity in the air. Makes you long for those dry heat days and it is only April!! When do we go back to England?

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