Saturday, 12 March 2011

Out Of Shape

It is quite amazing how tired you can get by basically not doing much. Explain how sitting in a car for 8 hours can make one so weary. We were in our first Missions Conference other than the one at our home church in January. This one had morning services, afternoon shopping and then evening services. Alot of sitting around, eating and being in services and when it was over we were shattered. It might have something to do with the dozens of people who wanted to talk with you each service or possibly we are just getting old(er).
We had a great time and look forward to getting back into road shape. Perhaps we will just stay away from too many conferences.

The house that we have purchased for the boys to line in is coming right along. We are in the process if painting and acquiring bargain furniture. The house has been dubbed "The Ogre Refuge" in honour of the boys.

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