Tuesday, 8 March 2011

God's Provision


So, lets get caught up all the way. We got back to Oklahoma in the middle of a snow storm. Just after it melted, we had another snow storm. In the midst of that we closed on a house here in Oklahoma City. We are back in the US to get a couple of our children settled. Our family has always been our first ministry and we needed to get them re acclimated to a foreign culture (the US). Long story short, we were able to buy a really nice house with no down. In fact, we received a check at the closing. Praise God! We have also been given a fridge, washer, drier, some furniture, dishes and alot of other bits for the house. We are in the process of getting the house painted so the two boys can move in. This house will also be a place for Andrea should anything happen to Kent.
We were in our first missions conference of this furlough this past week. It was great but exhausting. So many things going on but it was well worth it. The Gossmeyer boys are back in the necktie business and did a smashing business at this quite large church. Their eyes are full of dollar signs as they think of the travels ahead this summer.
We are in the OKC area for the month of March. We will keep working on the house during the week and hitting churches on the weekends. The first of April we head to south Texas for about 3 weeks.

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