Friday, 18 March 2011

Busy March


So the plan for March was to go to churches around OKC and report on Sundays and be around during the week to work on the house and prepare for the road trips to come. So far, so mediocre. There are just so many things that pop up to do that we struggle to get to our to do list each day. Compounded by the fact we do not have all the things we are used to having or do not know where they are in the house we are staying in and you end up making many trips for supplies. We are almost done painting the house and have declared it move in ready. We will kick Ben out this weekend and get him settled and then work on Austin. As he is firmly entrenched at the grandparents it may be a little more difficult. We have destroyed one the bathrooms and are planning its rebuild as we speak.
This past Saturday we celebrated Kent's parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. What a great testimony, There have been some hard times in their life but they did not quit. We went to eat at a really nice steakhouse and then had some cake at their house. They flew off for Hawaii yesterday for a cruise. Good stuff.

The meetings have gone really well. Still seems weird to be in the States.

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