Sunday, 27 March 2011

Furlough from Furlough


We have been back in the States for about three months now. We do not think we have stopped moving since we landed. Relief is in site. We hit the road this next week for our first road trip. We will be gone for three weeks to Texas and think we might get a bit of rest. The house is almost completely painted and Ben has moved in. Austin will move over at the end of the month. The bathroom project will have to wait a few weeks until we are between trips.

We have also included a few pics of the other project from this week. Kent was asked to buiold a mailbox for the church and this is what resulted.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Busy March


So the plan for March was to go to churches around OKC and report on Sundays and be around during the week to work on the house and prepare for the road trips to come. So far, so mediocre. There are just so many things that pop up to do that we struggle to get to our to do list each day. Compounded by the fact we do not have all the things we are used to having or do not know where they are in the house we are staying in and you end up making many trips for supplies. We are almost done painting the house and have declared it move in ready. We will kick Ben out this weekend and get him settled and then work on Austin. As he is firmly entrenched at the grandparents it may be a little more difficult. We have destroyed one the bathrooms and are planning its rebuild as we speak.
This past Saturday we celebrated Kent's parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. What a great testimony, There have been some hard times in their life but they did not quit. We went to eat at a really nice steakhouse and then had some cake at their house. They flew off for Hawaii yesterday for a cruise. Good stuff.

The meetings have gone really well. Still seems weird to be in the States.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Out Of Shape

It is quite amazing how tired you can get by basically not doing much. Explain how sitting in a car for 8 hours can make one so weary. We were in our first Missions Conference other than the one at our home church in January. This one had morning services, afternoon shopping and then evening services. Alot of sitting around, eating and being in services and when it was over we were shattered. It might have something to do with the dozens of people who wanted to talk with you each service or possibly we are just getting old(er).
We had a great time and look forward to getting back into road shape. Perhaps we will just stay away from too many conferences.

The house that we have purchased for the boys to line in is coming right along. We are in the process if painting and acquiring bargain furniture. The house has been dubbed "The Ogre Refuge" in honour of the boys.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

God's Provision


So, lets get caught up all the way. We got back to Oklahoma in the middle of a snow storm. Just after it melted, we had another snow storm. In the midst of that we closed on a house here in Oklahoma City. We are back in the US to get a couple of our children settled. Our family has always been our first ministry and we needed to get them re acclimated to a foreign culture (the US). Long story short, we were able to buy a really nice house with no down. In fact, we received a check at the closing. Praise God! We have also been given a fridge, washer, drier, some furniture, dishes and alot of other bits for the house. We are in the process of getting the house painted so the two boys can move in. This house will also be a place for Andrea should anything happen to Kent.
We were in our first missions conference of this furlough this past week. It was great but exhausting. So many things going on but it was well worth it. The Gossmeyer boys are back in the necktie business and did a smashing business at this quite large church. Their eyes are full of dollar signs as they think of the travels ahead this summer.
We are in the OKC area for the month of March. We will keep working on the house during the week and hitting churches on the weekends. The first of April we head to south Texas for about 3 weeks.