Sunday, 27 February 2011

Week 2 Cont......


We each preached 20 times during our trip. The conference on Bohol had around 35 Filipino pastors that attended and we even had the opportunity to preach on the radio on a neighboring island on night. I preached for 45 minutes on the radio and walked straight to the pulpit and preached an hour on Baptist history. By the time Friday came, our voices were worn and our bodies were tired. We preached out at another mission church on Sunday and this one was in the boondocks. Mud floors and bamboo logs split in half for seats.
On Monday we flew back up to Manila and made it to the American Cemetery. Over 17,000 graves from WW2. Quite sobering. Tuesday, Andrea and I climbed to a volcanic crater and took a dinner cruise around Manila Bay. We left Manila and flew 23 hours back to OKC. When we left Manila it was 85, when we arrived in OKC it was 15 with strong winds and 4 foot snowdrifts. It took us a few weeks to get back on a proper sleep schedule but the trip was a huge blessing to us and we pray that we were a blessing to the folks there.


  1. Praise the Lord! Sounds like the Lord was able to really use you during your time there.

  2. Hello I'm Juan!
    I hope that you have had a good jurney in Filipinas.
    I'm miss you a lot and this week much more, because I'm going to England with the school.