Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Philippines Cont..............

So, after almost a week north of Manila, we drove back to the airport and flew 500 miles south to the island of Bohol. The church in Tagbileran City was the one Pastor Carter came and preached for last year. We arrived on Friday and on Saturday, the church took us snorkeling. It was absolutely incredible. The water was warm and crystal clear. The little island we went to is a refuge and one of the top scuba sites in the world. Most stayed on the boat but Kent spent almost every minute in the water. He even saw a sea turtle and swam for quite a bit to stay in sight of it. The lasting result of a day in the sun was an excruciating sunburn on the back of his legs and arms. Even now, two weeks later he is still peeling.
On the Sunday, Kent and Andrea were sent to Ubay for Sunday services. Ubay was about two hours from Tagbileran City. Kent preached the morning service, then Andrea did a ladies meeting and then Kent preached the afternoon service. It was a rush to catch the last van back to where their hotel was. They were shattered by the time the got to bed that night.

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