Sunday, 27 February 2011

Week 2 Cont......


We each preached 20 times during our trip. The conference on Bohol had around 35 Filipino pastors that attended and we even had the opportunity to preach on the radio on a neighboring island on night. I preached for 45 minutes on the radio and walked straight to the pulpit and preached an hour on Baptist history. By the time Friday came, our voices were worn and our bodies were tired. We preached out at another mission church on Sunday and this one was in the boondocks. Mud floors and bamboo logs split in half for seats.
On Monday we flew back up to Manila and made it to the American Cemetery. Over 17,000 graves from WW2. Quite sobering. Tuesday, Andrea and I climbed to a volcanic crater and took a dinner cruise around Manila Bay. We left Manila and flew 23 hours back to OKC. When we left Manila it was 85, when we arrived in OKC it was 15 with strong winds and 4 foot snowdrifts. It took us a few weeks to get back on a proper sleep schedule but the trip was a huge blessing to us and we pray that we were a blessing to the folks there.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Week 2

So, we were on the island of Bohol and we were starting the second Pastors Conference. On Monday and Tuesday, there were only evening services so we took off to see the sights on Monday. We stopped by the Blood Compact monument where the Spanish made a pact with the locals only to end up enslaving them. We then stopped at the second oldest church in the Philippines which was built by the natives after they were enslaved. (Yes, it is a Catholic church). It was then off to the Loboc River Cruise for lunch as we toured the river. We then headed for the Chocolate Hills to see this natural phenomenon that only occurred on this island in the world. Then the highlight of the day. An almost 1/3 mile zipline over a 600 foot deep river gorge. And then back on another zipline. All at the low Filipino price of $7.00.
We then rushed back to Tagbileran City and arrived just in time for the evening service. I preached first on the AV and then Pastor Carter preached on the local church. A late dinner of grilled chicken and mango shakes was most welcome. We were shattered by the time we went to bed.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Philippines Cont..............

So, after almost a week north of Manila, we drove back to the airport and flew 500 miles south to the island of Bohol. The church in Tagbileran City was the one Pastor Carter came and preached for last year. We arrived on Friday and on Saturday, the church took us snorkeling. It was absolutely incredible. The water was warm and crystal clear. The little island we went to is a refuge and one of the top scuba sites in the world. Most stayed on the boat but Kent spent almost every minute in the water. He even saw a sea turtle and swam for quite a bit to stay in sight of it. The lasting result of a day in the sun was an excruciating sunburn on the back of his legs and arms. Even now, two weeks later he is still peeling.
On the Sunday, Kent and Andrea were sent to Ubay for Sunday services. Ubay was about two hours from Tagbileran City. Kent preached the morning service, then Andrea did a ladies meeting and then Kent preached the afternoon service. It was a rush to catch the last van back to where their hotel was. They were shattered by the time the got to bed that night.

Saturday, 5 February 2011


Routines are a blessed thing. You know where you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to be doing. That gets more important as you get older and find yourself somewhere and not knowing why you are there or what you are supposed to be doing.
Kent & Andrea flew out on Jan 13th with our home church pastor and his family to the Philippines to conduct two one week pastors conferences. The kids were left at home with the grandparents on speed dial in case of problems. The travel to Manila went well with us being bumped in Tokyo and being upgraded to first class for the Tokyo-Manila leg of the flight. Now first class is the way an Ambassador for Christ should always travel!! It was quite nice after a long day of travelling. We arrived in Manila around 5:00AM and traveled a few hours north to Tarlac City. Kent preached at a mission work that first Sunday while Pastor Carter preached at the church where the conference was to be held. Monday we did a bit of sightseeing although that part of Luzon does not have much to see. We visited a Bible college and camp and also visited a few shops to get some essentials. On Tuesday-Thursday nights, we had services with both Pastor Carter and Kent preaching. The Filipinos are not real interested in short services. Most nights we would start before 7:00 and not finish until close to 10:00. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we all went out visiting in the villages they are starting works in. This would often result in several preaching opportunities each afternoon. In a land where people are quite short, Kent would create quite a stir walking through town. It was not unusual to have 30 children following us all through the village.

More to follow.......