Monday, 29 November 2010

We Are Thankful


We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. As always, we went to Plymouth on Thursday for late night shopping and Pizza Hut. This has been a family tradition ever since we moved to England and our first oven was too small for a turkey. We have our big meal on Friday and invite everyone we know.They never all show up the same year but this year we had 43 for dinner. We had the Harvey girls from Exeter sing for us and James Dudley also did a solo. This year everyone stayed around talking and we did not adjourn to the house until 9:30PM. 29 came back to the house and the last group left at 11:15PM. We had a few overnight guests and after breakfast Saturday, they headed back home. Saturday night we had 14 over for Matt's 15th birthday party. He had invited some family and friends over to celebrate.
The best thing about the weekend was the postman brought us our passports on Saturday morning and they had our permanent resident visas stamped inside. We are now free to come and go in the UK. What an answer to prayer. Given the drastic reduction in immigration that is being implemented, we are blessed to have this matter settled. So all is a go for our furlough starting Dec 15th. Time to get serious about packing.


  1. Congrats on the permanent visas...what an answer to prayer!!

  2. Our Thanksgiving was spent on the road south but we enjoyed the weekend with friends in Navojo, Mexico. We are rejoicing with you in the permanent visas. We love you all. The Steven Harris Family

  3. So what happens to Matt? Has he found a place to live yet?

  4. Janice, no place yet for Matt.

    James sang Down From His Glry