Tuesday, 23 November 2010



We had nice services on Sunday. No visitors but everyone was on their place. The funeral on Monday went well. We had a short graveside service and then back to the Guide Hall for a memorial service. We were told to expect about 15-20 at the memorial but 40 showed up. It really meant alot to Jackie to see everyone come for the service. Gave a clear, personal salvation message and it was evident from the expressions I was seeing that this was the first time many had ever heard of salvation by grace.

We heard that a decision was reached on our permanent residence visas today but the source did not say if they were approved or rejected. Guess we will have to wait for the post to come in the next few days to find out.

Most of the things in our house are for sale and so we have a steady stream of people coming by to look at them. Add to this the people coming to look at the house and it can be quite a zoo at times. All part of packing up life for furlough.

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  1. The waiting is tough. We are praying for you. Wish I could come and help fill in for you but I am sort of a lone ranger here. Come and see us if you can.
    The Harris Family