Monday, 8 November 2010


In 5 weeks, we fly out to the States to start our furlough (if we get our passports back from the British Government). To assist in the turnover of the work to the preachers filling in, our pastor brought them over for a short survey trip. They arrived on Tuesday and we have been going ever since. Getting them up to speed on the area, stores, housing, driving, shopping and all the church activities has kept us hopping. We had a great today at church. Each of the men coming over preached a service and we had a few folks come out that normally do not attend services. The men leave on Monday and we have to get busy getting the house packed and the temporary cottage furnished and equipped for our replacements.
The Dudleys took us all out to eat in Looe today after the morning church. Here are a few pics from Looe.


  1. I love the view! This is good place for a vacation!

  2. Nice place! Looks very refreshing in there.