Saturday, 20 November 2010

Prayer Needed


Quite the busy week. We started clearing the house and deciding what goes and what stays. So far, the kids are in the stay category but that may be because they are big enough to move the sofa. We have three weeks or so before we fly out and have alot to do. Our Thanksgiving dinner is this Friday and we are expecting about 40 this year. We have declared a moratorium on packing until after the dinner and then hit it next week.

We have a few things we would ask you to pray about:

We are still waiting for our permanent visa applications to be processed. This means they have our passports and without passports, there will be no flying on the 15th.

The days are short for our foster child to find a home before we leave. We would love to see him get saved and placed in a Christian home but that would certainly take a miracle from God.

Pray for Andrea as she has alot on her plate with the move, school, Brownies and planning for next year. She not only needs to plan what books to take back for school this spring but also what books will be needed to start the fall semester while we are in the States.

We have a funeral on Monday and there will be a number of lost people there. This is the first funeral we have done in England and pray it will go well.

Thank you for your prayers and support of our ministry.

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