Saturday, 13 November 2010

A Ministry Week


We read a good statement this week. Someone had mentioned it was hard to do ministry for all the interruptions. An older preacher remarked back that the interruptions were the ministry. Gave us a pause for thought. The ministry is all about people. People have troubles as sparks fly up from a fire as Solomon penned. Despite our desire for the comfort of routine and repetition, we need to be aware that it just is not feasible.

Our week..... a drunk lady at the door needing help, the death of the husband of a lady who attends our services, a reluctant foster child, the continued delay of our permanent visas and return of our passports, the beginning of moving our things to storage and the news our house is being shown to a potential buyer. Yet, God has blessed in these situations and we covet your prayers.

1 comment:

  1. thank you for your failthfulness. Without the interruptions how would we ever know that God was at work? We'd start to rely on ourselves more rather than him. I hope you get your passports soon.