Monday, 29 November 2010

We Are Thankful


We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. As always, we went to Plymouth on Thursday for late night shopping and Pizza Hut. This has been a family tradition ever since we moved to England and our first oven was too small for a turkey. We have our big meal on Friday and invite everyone we know.They never all show up the same year but this year we had 43 for dinner. We had the Harvey girls from Exeter sing for us and James Dudley also did a solo. This year everyone stayed around talking and we did not adjourn to the house until 9:30PM. 29 came back to the house and the last group left at 11:15PM. We had a few overnight guests and after breakfast Saturday, they headed back home. Saturday night we had 14 over for Matt's 15th birthday party. He had invited some family and friends over to celebrate.
The best thing about the weekend was the postman brought us our passports on Saturday morning and they had our permanent resident visas stamped inside. We are now free to come and go in the UK. What an answer to prayer. Given the drastic reduction in immigration that is being implemented, we are blessed to have this matter settled. So all is a go for our furlough starting Dec 15th. Time to get serious about packing.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010



We had nice services on Sunday. No visitors but everyone was on their place. The funeral on Monday went well. We had a short graveside service and then back to the Guide Hall for a memorial service. We were told to expect about 15-20 at the memorial but 40 showed up. It really meant alot to Jackie to see everyone come for the service. Gave a clear, personal salvation message and it was evident from the expressions I was seeing that this was the first time many had ever heard of salvation by grace.

We heard that a decision was reached on our permanent residence visas today but the source did not say if they were approved or rejected. Guess we will have to wait for the post to come in the next few days to find out.

Most of the things in our house are for sale and so we have a steady stream of people coming by to look at them. Add to this the people coming to look at the house and it can be quite a zoo at times. All part of packing up life for furlough.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Prayer Needed


Quite the busy week. We started clearing the house and deciding what goes and what stays. So far, the kids are in the stay category but that may be because they are big enough to move the sofa. We have three weeks or so before we fly out and have alot to do. Our Thanksgiving dinner is this Friday and we are expecting about 40 this year. We have declared a moratorium on packing until after the dinner and then hit it next week.

We have a few things we would ask you to pray about:

We are still waiting for our permanent visa applications to be processed. This means they have our passports and without passports, there will be no flying on the 15th.

The days are short for our foster child to find a home before we leave. We would love to see him get saved and placed in a Christian home but that would certainly take a miracle from God.

Pray for Andrea as she has alot on her plate with the move, school, Brownies and planning for next year. She not only needs to plan what books to take back for school this spring but also what books will be needed to start the fall semester while we are in the States.

We have a funeral on Monday and there will be a number of lost people there. This is the first funeral we have done in England and pray it will go well.

Thank you for your prayers and support of our ministry.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

A Ministry Week


We read a good statement this week. Someone had mentioned it was hard to do ministry for all the interruptions. An older preacher remarked back that the interruptions were the ministry. Gave us a pause for thought. The ministry is all about people. People have troubles as sparks fly up from a fire as Solomon penned. Despite our desire for the comfort of routine and repetition, we need to be aware that it just is not feasible.

Our week..... a drunk lady at the door needing help, the death of the husband of a lady who attends our services, a reluctant foster child, the continued delay of our permanent visas and return of our passports, the beginning of moving our things to storage and the news our house is being shown to a potential buyer. Yet, God has blessed in these situations and we covet your prayers.

Monday, 8 November 2010


In 5 weeks, we fly out to the States to start our furlough (if we get our passports back from the British Government). To assist in the turnover of the work to the preachers filling in, our pastor brought them over for a short survey trip. They arrived on Tuesday and we have been going ever since. Getting them up to speed on the area, stores, housing, driving, shopping and all the church activities has kept us hopping. We had a great today at church. Each of the men coming over preached a service and we had a few folks come out that normally do not attend services. The men leave on Monday and we have to get busy getting the house packed and the temporary cottage furnished and equipped for our replacements.
The Dudleys took us all out to eat in Looe today after the morning church. Here are a few pics from Looe.