Monday, 4 October 2010

Where Did The WeeK Go?

Not sure what happened to last week. It was just the last Sunday on September and now it is the first Sunday in October. We did find a cottage for the preachers coming over to fill in for us while we are on furlough. We know the owner and think it will work out quite well. We are still amazed our home church is making the sacrifice to send over two families to cover for us. Truly a blessing. Andrea had 3 or so meeting in relation to the young man living with us. The county of Cornwall had a large backlog of children needing foster homes and they do not have a lot of options for him. Despite this, his social worker seems quite determined to get him out of our house for some reason. He is adapting to life at our house quite well and it seems the Gospel is starting to sink in and he has asked a few questions.

We had our annual booth at the Liskeard St Matthew's Fayre this Sat. Biggest crowd we have seen. The Crown College UK sent two young ladies down to help us out with the event and they did great. They jumped in without having to be asked and even surprised us by making breakfast both mornings. Now we wait for the cards to be returned. Good day at church. The ladies sang for us and we had two good services.

We have a pastor from the States flying in on Thursday. Kent will go up and pick him up.

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  1. Hi! I was just wondering if you received an email I sent you about a week or so ago regarding the Bibles? Thanks! Renee :)