Saturday, 16 October 2010

Sure Is Cold In Scotland


Hither and yon seems to be our motto lately. After picking up the men in London and returning home, we had a great weekend with Bro Lou Guadagno Jr. and Ben Shutt. Bro Lou sang for us both morning and evening and also preached the morning service. Ben gave his testimony in the evening service and it was a blessing to hear how God has worked in his life. After the service it was off to Scotland for a preachers fellowship. We drove about 4 hours Sunday eve and then finished up with about 7 hours of driving Monday. We did stop at the England/Scotland border to see the remains of Hadrian's Wall. (Pictures will follow)
The meeting was great as usual. Good preaching, singing and fellowship. Folks came from Scotland, England, Ireland and the US for the meeting. A long drive Friday and it was good to be home. Now it is time to get things prepared for furlough.
Our young lad who is living with us is doing well. He still has some adjustments to make but to go from his previous life to living with us has been a HUGE change for him. Please pray that he will get saved before he has to go to a permanent foster home.

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