Saturday, 9 October 2010

Is This the Gossmeyer Hotel?????


Got the Crown ladies off to their train Monday and then spent Tuesday ferrying James around to various appointments and errands. Wednesday, Ben and I headed east. I dropped Ben off in Southampton and then drove to Oxford for the Wed evening service. Enjoyed the service with a young couple that have started a work very near to the university. After a bit of Nandos for dinner I headed for Gatwick Airport to spend the night. Picking up two men from the states the next morning, we headed into London before heading home to Cornwall. I am including a few pictures from our day in London because it was bright and sunny. For all the times Kent has been to London, we do not have that many sunny pictures. Friday we showed our guests around our town, did some letterboxing and went to Plymouth for dinner and some sightseeing. Deidra was also having a sleepover that night so we had 4 non Gossmeyers in the house. Sat we celebrated Connie's 94th birthday with a roast dinner and a birthday cake. A trip to Polperro followed and then dinner. Tomorrow we will have a guest speaker in the morning and after the evening service, Kent and the guests will head to Scotland, picking up Bro Harvey in Exeter on the way, for a preacher meeting. Should be a good week.

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