Sunday, 31 October 2010

Good Sunday


Some days are just good days. We have a church fellowship on the 5th Sunday in those months that have them. During the summer we tended to do things outside of church for these activities but with Autumn fully upon us, we decided to go back to an inside meal. We also got a wild hair to have an afternoon service after dinner and be done early for the day. We have enough problems with vandals on Sunday evenings and thought it would be prudent to not be there on Halloween. We had a few ill this morning but most everyone was there and brought food for dinner. We had a good time of fellowship and had two visitors for the afternoon service. The husbands of two ladies that come regularly came for dinner and stayed for the service. One had been to our services before but the other was there for the first time. A short afternoon service and it was home for a good nap. Everyone chipped in to clean up and that was a blessing in itself. Good to see people develop a servants heart.
This week our home pastor is flying over with our two assistant pastors for a visit. The assistants will be filling in for us while we are back on furlough and are coming over to get the lay of the land.

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