Tuesday, 26 October 2010



We missed a milestone in the blog's life last week. It was our 100th post. Who knew someone could talk about so little for so long?

The best news from last week was we found a local home for Matt's dog. The dog has been in the kennel since Matt went into care and the time had come for the dog to be re homed. There are few homes willing to take a foster child as well as their dog. The agency responsible for Matt decided Max the dog needed to go. We asked for a week to find a local home so Matt could still go and see his dog and they agreed. Max is now happily roaming a farm near Looe and Matt is going to see him tomorrow. Now we just need to find Matt a permanent home.
We are still waiting for the British Home Office to return our permanent resident applications. Normally, we would have received our visas back by now but it seems to be dragging on. You are not allowed to ring and check on the progress so we can just wait and pray. In all reality, we do not need them until the middle of December for our flight but it would be nice to know what they have decided to do with us.
We are having our 5th Sunday fellowship this week. The morning service will be followed with a proper roast dinner and then we are having an afternoon service. First time for the afternoon service but we thought we would give it a try.

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