Sunday, 31 October 2010

Good Sunday


Some days are just good days. We have a church fellowship on the 5th Sunday in those months that have them. During the summer we tended to do things outside of church for these activities but with Autumn fully upon us, we decided to go back to an inside meal. We also got a wild hair to have an afternoon service after dinner and be done early for the day. We have enough problems with vandals on Sunday evenings and thought it would be prudent to not be there on Halloween. We had a few ill this morning but most everyone was there and brought food for dinner. We had a good time of fellowship and had two visitors for the afternoon service. The husbands of two ladies that come regularly came for dinner and stayed for the service. One had been to our services before but the other was there for the first time. A short afternoon service and it was home for a good nap. Everyone chipped in to clean up and that was a blessing in itself. Good to see people develop a servants heart.
This week our home pastor is flying over with our two assistant pastors for a visit. The assistants will be filling in for us while we are back on furlough and are coming over to get the lay of the land.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010



We missed a milestone in the blog's life last week. It was our 100th post. Who knew someone could talk about so little for so long?

The best news from last week was we found a local home for Matt's dog. The dog has been in the kennel since Matt went into care and the time had come for the dog to be re homed. There are few homes willing to take a foster child as well as their dog. The agency responsible for Matt decided Max the dog needed to go. We asked for a week to find a local home so Matt could still go and see his dog and they agreed. Max is now happily roaming a farm near Looe and Matt is going to see him tomorrow. Now we just need to find Matt a permanent home.
We are still waiting for the British Home Office to return our permanent resident applications. Normally, we would have received our visas back by now but it seems to be dragging on. You are not allowed to ring and check on the progress so we can just wait and pray. In all reality, we do not need them until the middle of December for our flight but it would be nice to know what they have decided to do with us.
We are having our 5th Sunday fellowship this week. The morning service will be followed with a proper roast dinner and then we are having an afternoon service. First time for the afternoon service but we thought we would give it a try.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Pictures From Scotland

Swilcan Bridge on the 18th at St Andrews

place where a matyr was burned in St Andrews

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Sure Is Cold In Scotland


Hither and yon seems to be our motto lately. After picking up the men in London and returning home, we had a great weekend with Bro Lou Guadagno Jr. and Ben Shutt. Bro Lou sang for us both morning and evening and also preached the morning service. Ben gave his testimony in the evening service and it was a blessing to hear how God has worked in his life. After the service it was off to Scotland for a preachers fellowship. We drove about 4 hours Sunday eve and then finished up with about 7 hours of driving Monday. We did stop at the England/Scotland border to see the remains of Hadrian's Wall. (Pictures will follow)
The meeting was great as usual. Good preaching, singing and fellowship. Folks came from Scotland, England, Ireland and the US for the meeting. A long drive Friday and it was good to be home. Now it is time to get things prepared for furlough.
Our young lad who is living with us is doing well. He still has some adjustments to make but to go from his previous life to living with us has been a HUGE change for him. Please pray that he will get saved before he has to go to a permanent foster home.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Is This the Gossmeyer Hotel?????


Got the Crown ladies off to their train Monday and then spent Tuesday ferrying James around to various appointments and errands. Wednesday, Ben and I headed east. I dropped Ben off in Southampton and then drove to Oxford for the Wed evening service. Enjoyed the service with a young couple that have started a work very near to the university. After a bit of Nandos for dinner I headed for Gatwick Airport to spend the night. Picking up two men from the states the next morning, we headed into London before heading home to Cornwall. I am including a few pictures from our day in London because it was bright and sunny. For all the times Kent has been to London, we do not have that many sunny pictures. Friday we showed our guests around our town, did some letterboxing and went to Plymouth for dinner and some sightseeing. Deidra was also having a sleepover that night so we had 4 non Gossmeyers in the house. Sat we celebrated Connie's 94th birthday with a roast dinner and a birthday cake. A trip to Polperro followed and then dinner. Tomorrow we will have a guest speaker in the morning and after the evening service, Kent and the guests will head to Scotland, picking up Bro Harvey in Exeter on the way, for a preacher meeting. Should be a good week.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Where Did The WeeK Go?

Not sure what happened to last week. It was just the last Sunday on September and now it is the first Sunday in October. We did find a cottage for the preachers coming over to fill in for us while we are on furlough. We know the owner and think it will work out quite well. We are still amazed our home church is making the sacrifice to send over two families to cover for us. Truly a blessing. Andrea had 3 or so meeting in relation to the young man living with us. The county of Cornwall had a large backlog of children needing foster homes and they do not have a lot of options for him. Despite this, his social worker seems quite determined to get him out of our house for some reason. He is adapting to life at our house quite well and it seems the Gospel is starting to sink in and he has asked a few questions.

We had our annual booth at the Liskeard St Matthew's Fayre this Sat. Biggest crowd we have seen. The Crown College UK sent two young ladies down to help us out with the event and they did great. They jumped in without having to be asked and even surprised us by making breakfast both mornings. Now we wait for the cards to be returned. Good day at church. The ladies sang for us and we had two good services.

We have a pastor from the States flying in on Thursday. Kent will go up and pick him up.