Friday, 10 September 2010

Wife Ministry


Many times in an effort to win people to Christ on their given field, a missionary can lose sight of the first ministry that God has entrusted him with, his family. It is just as important to minister to your family as it is to others. This is especially important with your wife. Often overlooked is her contribution to the ministry and seldom does she get to fellowship or converse with other Christian woman.

Despite Kent taking Andrea camping for 4 nights while at youth camp and her only having to cook for 100 people three times a day, Andrea did not consider that an adequate anniversary trip. So, Kent took her to France for a few days. Now that sounds pretty wow but France is only 14 miles from England at Dover and about 100 miles across the channel from Plymouth. There is a car ferry that runs back and forth so we caught one Sunday night after church. We spent a few days just wandering about seeing what Brittany had to offer. It was good to hear her laugh and relax a bit. This year was our 24th anniversary.