Saturday, 4 September 2010

Out Of Breath!

It has been a crazy but good week. The fellowship on Monday was very good and an encouragement. We heard a Welsh, English and Irish speaker. The folks that went with us were quite excited to here British men preaching the same things they hear from us each week. There were about 120 in attendance and Bro Stuart and his folks did a nice job hosting. Then it was a rush back to the house for our holiday bbq with LBC. Had about 15 there and it was nice to have the Dudleys make it. Tuesday, Kent was privileged to be on the presbytery for a man from Nepal. He got saved while in England as a student and has gone back to his country to preach the Gospel. What a blessing to see such a soft surrendered heart. Spent the night there in Poole and then drove back (3 hours) to take James to an appointment. Services Wed night and then Kent and Ben left early Thursday to the London area. There were some chairs to deliver and Kent was wanting to take some Olympic related pictures. They were able to eat at the only non-military Taco Bell in the UK and sat there awhile savoring the flavor of fire sauce. Friday, they took the tube into London and spent the day walking around taking pics. Back late Friday night for what is hoped to be a quiet, pedestrian Saturday.

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