Sunday, 29 August 2010

Our Week


We may have finally recovered from camp. Kent is still complaining he cracked a few ribs on the water slide at camp but Andrea says he is just getting old. We went back up to camp on Friday to pick up Ben who was house sitting and did a few odd jobs on Sat before we headed home. Good day today at church. Had a few back that have been gone. Tomorrow. Monday 30th is a holiday here in Britain. The church in Exeter is having a fellowship so we are heading over for that during the day, back to our house for a food fellowship the evening, Kent is off to Poole for an ordination service Tuesday evening and he is off to London on Thursday and Friday to deliver some chairs and take some pictures of the Olympic Park and other places. Andrea is getting set to start another year of homeschooling and we need to start getting rid of stuff in preparation for furlough. It is not for awhile yet, but this fall already looks to be busy without anything else being added to it.

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