Saturday, 21 August 2010

A Mile in Their Shoes


We are back from camp and praise God for the decisions that were made. We are completely wiped out but making progress through the pile of laundry that currently hides the laundry room floor.

We left for camp a week ago Thursday, the 12th , to help get the grounds ready and to cook for the staff training days. We arrived to fine weather and found the tents already up and things ahead of schedule. We cooked for 25-30 on Thurs-Sat and then headed back to Cornwall for Sunday services and to drop Juan off at the ferry on Sunday afternoon. He had fun the few days we were up at the camp and I think he would have liked to have stayed for the actual camp week. So back home Sat night at 9, eat, laundry, up and going Sunday morning, services, lunch, Juan gone, laundry, store, repack, load trailer and car and drive 4 hours back up to camp.

There were 54 campers this week and approx 30-40 staff and others. There are a number of missionaries who bring their children to camp and stay the week for the fellowship. We would like to expand this side of the week and provide a week of encouragement for those folks. So all in all about 90 people at camp for the week. It was relentless!!! No sooner had you finished cleaning up from one meal and it was past time to prepare for the next. You never realize just how much goes in to preparing that much food and how much planning it takes when you have very limited cooking and storage facilities. Andrea did a stellar job all week and won over many a camper with those homemade brownies. Kent preached the evening services and "cooked" up some concoctions for the kids to try. Ben and Chris were staff this year and did great. They were always asking what else they could do. Davis and Deidra were campers and said the week was good albeit a little cold in the tents at night.

We know of one lad who got saved this week and there were other decisions as well. Youth camp is truly a great ministry and we are grateful for all those who worked so hard to make it what it it.

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