Sunday, 4 July 2010

Staying Busy


Been a busy few weeks since we last posted. We had the 90 & the 9 birthday party on Sat, 19th, Jose arrived from Spain on the 21st and on the 21st, Kent and Ben flew out to NYC for Ben's senior trip. Ben wanted to go to watch baseball games in the northeast for his trip so they stayed with a pastor friend in NJ and sent 12 days hitting every ball park within driving distance. Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York (Mets and Yankees) and Boston were all taken in. They also did a few educational things although Ben thought they were pointless since he was done with school. All the while Andrea was home taking care of business.
They were also able to visit a few supporting churches and Kent preached at one. Jose is a Spanish exchange student who spends a month with us each summer. This is his third year with us. Seems like part of the family. They told us to treat him like our own and it did not take us long to discover differences in our culture and the Spanish culture. All in all he is a wonderful young man and we enjoy having him stay with us.
Kent and Ben arrived back on Sat evening and it was back to normal today. We had good attendance in both services as well as a 4th of July fellowship after church this evening. For some reason the British are not as keen on the holiday as we are.

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