Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sometimes it is just sitting in the rain

Many people wonder what all being a missionary entails. They have visions of jungles, cannibals and horrible looking food. The reality for most missionaries is missions life looks alot like regular life only in a different locale. We were at the Liskeard Show yesterday to man the church stand there. Andrea and Kent got everything set up and then the rain started. It rained fairly hard for over an hour and there was nobody walking around the show grounds. As we sat there, we laughed and exclaimed "sometimes being a missionary is just sitting around while it rains". What is so scary about that!

The rain cleared, the skies lightened and the people started coming. This year was probably the best attended of the 4 years we have been involved in the show. Almost 200 people signed up to win the bench and we have no idea how many kids played the free games for candy. All in all, several hundred gospel tracts were handed out and we had several good conversations with folks about why Baptists are different and why we were not with the Liskeard Churches Together booth.

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