Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Time To Stop Ignoring The Truth


Things are well here in Cornwall. We have even had a number of sunny, warm days. I don't know of a nicer climate than England on a nice summer day.

As we go through life we often ignore some obvious truths. We eat large amounts and are shocked we gain weight. We do not maintain our cars and get mad when they breakdown. It is with our children we see, to ignore the most obvious truth. The will leave when the get older. From the day you bring them home from hospital they are headed to a destiny that includes leaving the nest. We as parents stumble along through life ignoring the obvious and preferring to not think on the inevitable. It is a time of mixed emotions for us as we prepare Austin to return to the States. We are proud of him as a young man and are thankful for the Lord allowing us to rear him. We are sad as a part of us will be leaving with him. The process of moving to England really bonded our family and our children have often only had siblings as friends. Austin leaving will leave an empty place at the table and a gap in our lives.

It is our prayer that people will understand it will take him some time to readjust to the states. Not everything he will do will be how they do it there and he will not be perfect. So many missionary kids are criticized instead of being helped it is no wonder many fall by the wayside.

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