Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The inspector Returns


Andrea (the Inspector) is back and so far so good. Well, we have not yet received the report on how clean (dirty) the house was. We did try and make sure everything was in its place or at least covering up a new spot or some clutter.

I have been asked to finish my food report for the week so here goes.
Sunday was Austin's day and so he took the easy road and treated us to KFC.
Monday was Kent's day and he made bacon baps. Think pieces of bacon is a roll with cheese.

Tuesday was back to Chris. He cooked burgers out on the grill in the rain. He would want me to add that bit.

Wed was Davis and it was a delicacy. Chicken breasts flattened and wrapped around ham and cheese and then baked. Quite nice.

Thursday was Deidra and she made chicken fingers and popcorn chicken.

Friday was the day Kent was to leave to London so as to pick up Andrea Sat morning. He decided to leave early in the day, take Deidra and Davis with him and go to the London Zoo. It was a good day out and two kids really enjoyed the zoo and shopping in London.

Andrea flew in SAT morning and all made it home safely.

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