Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Good To Be Home


Sorry this spot has been so quiet but Kent did not have much access to the internet while he was in Vancouver. Most days he was out of his room by 6:30AM and not back until 11:00 or so. All he wanted to do at that point was go to bed.

The trip went very well and the Lord blessed throughout. All his travel went well and Kent always had a bed to sleep in. He did not starve either.

He was blessed to stop in Oak Harbour, WA and visit with the folks at Bible Baptist Church on his way from Seattle to Vancouver. Kent was able to collect a great deal of information while on the streets of Vancouver evangelizing that will come in very handy in 2012. He had a number of questions answered as well as seeing a few more raised. The project he worked with there handed out close to 100,000 John/Romans and 40,000 Olympic pins. The pins had 5 fish on them in the colours of the wordless book. It was an excellent way to witness to folks. It was reported that between the two weeks of teams and the local church groups that went out that there were close to 20 people who were saved during the Games.

A long flight home for Kent on Fri/Sat and then straight back into the pulpit on Sunday.

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