Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The inspector Returns


Andrea (the Inspector) is back and so far so good. Well, we have not yet received the report on how clean (dirty) the house was. We did try and make sure everything was in its place or at least covering up a new spot or some clutter.

I have been asked to finish my food report for the week so here goes.
Sunday was Austin's day and so he took the easy road and treated us to KFC.
Monday was Kent's day and he made bacon baps. Think pieces of bacon is a roll with cheese.

Tuesday was back to Chris. He cooked burgers out on the grill in the rain. He would want me to add that bit.

Wed was Davis and it was a delicacy. Chicken breasts flattened and wrapped around ham and cheese and then baked. Quite nice.

Thursday was Deidra and she made chicken fingers and popcorn chicken.

Friday was the day Kent was to leave to London so as to pick up Andrea Sat morning. He decided to leave early in the day, take Deidra and Davis with him and go to the London Zoo. It was a good day out and two kids really enjoyed the zoo and shopping in London.

Andrea flew in SAT morning and all made it home safely.

Saturday, 20 March 2010



So we have been cruising along this week. Almost keeping up with school, almost keeping up with chores and almost eating vegetables at every meal. We even found time for a field trip on Friday to the Shipwreck Museum in St Austell. Davis was in charge of dinner on Wednesday evening and we had baked chicken, Deidra helped Dad on Thursday night as he had to take dinner to the Dudleys. The menu consisted of pork chops, potatoes, carrots and peas. All went well except the carrots were undercooked. Slightly hard was the verdict. Friday is date night so Deidra stood in for Andrea. Saturday was Ben's night and he made his famous "Chicken in the Big Red Bowl". Very good.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Dog Biscuits

We had another nice day Sunday. Good services, good fellowship and a good spirit. Immediately after the evening service Andrea and I took off for London. She had a plane to catch Monday morning to fly back to Oklahoma and surprise her mom. The trip was actually for her dad's birthday but we decided to not tell her mom and see if we could surprise her. Andrea will be back in the States for 11 days. Her dad received another good report at his last doctor visit and so we are praising God for the work He has done with JC's health.

So while the cats away, .........actually not much playing but alot of laundry. Ever since Andrea took her first trip to visit the States, we have used these absences to help prepare the kids for life after parents. Each child gets a night of the week to cook dinner. They pick what they want to prepare and fix the meal. Chris was first up on Tuesday night. He made waffles, bacon, sausage and homemade biscuits. It all turned out well. Since Chris's nickname is Pherdog, the biscuits were thus dubbed Dog Biscuits.

Davis is up tonight and we will let you know how it goes.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Children Are A Blessing


The other day I jokingly made a comment that Andrea and I were standing at the edge of the abyss. Davis turned 13 and that meant we now had 4 teenage boys in the house. Andrea and I have had said many times that our children have been nothing but a blessing to us and the thought of another teen is not daunting at all. It is only by the grace of God but we have had wonderful kids. There is no way that anyone could describe our children's upbringing as normal but even that has been a blessing and a benefit. The 4 teens only lasts for a month as Austin will turn 20 in April. Not sure that will diminish the food bill any.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Must Be Getting Old


What a tough week. Brought a virus back from Vancouver and just could not shake it off this week. Add in a bit of jetlag and I was a bit out of it this week. Worked on a few errands around the house and that about wore me out. We had some church folks over on Friday night to watch Fireproof. They seemed to really enjoy it.

Today was a good day at church. Everyone of the regulars was in their place and we had a lady with us this morning who has not been in services for over two years. This evening we had a returning visitor who has decided he would like to come every Sunday eve. We are having our first missionary next Sunday evening and are excited about that. Every church, even a small work like ours, needs to be involved in missions.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Good To Be Home


Sorry this spot has been so quiet but Kent did not have much access to the internet while he was in Vancouver. Most days he was out of his room by 6:30AM and not back until 11:00 or so. All he wanted to do at that point was go to bed.

The trip went very well and the Lord blessed throughout. All his travel went well and Kent always had a bed to sleep in. He did not starve either.

He was blessed to stop in Oak Harbour, WA and visit with the folks at Bible Baptist Church on his way from Seattle to Vancouver. Kent was able to collect a great deal of information while on the streets of Vancouver evangelizing that will come in very handy in 2012. He had a number of questions answered as well as seeing a few more raised. The project he worked with there handed out close to 100,000 John/Romans and 40,000 Olympic pins. The pins had 5 fish on them in the colours of the wordless book. It was an excellent way to witness to folks. It was reported that between the two weeks of teams and the local church groups that went out that there were close to 20 people who were saved during the Games.

A long flight home for Kent on Fri/Sat and then straight back into the pulpit on Sunday.